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Cedar Strip Canoe

In 16 detailed videos watch as Jimmy Diresta teaches you [step-by-step] how to build a cedar strip canoe. If you are ready to build a project that will be the highlight of your outdoor activity for years to come, this canoe build is a must!

With a total run time of 1 hour and 51 minutes, inside this series learn how to create the mold for the canoe, the process for the cedar glue up, and how to build and install the canoe seats. Follow along and learn everything you need to know to make this project your next woodworking success.

Plans are by Bear Mountain Boats and can be found here:

Plans for the Canoe - https://www.bearmountainboats.ca/products/prospector-ranger

Full Canoe Kit - https://www.bearmountainboats.ca/products/canoe-kit?variant=1267702339

CNC Molds - https://www.bearmountainboats.ca/collections/canoe-kits-and-building-materials/products/cnc-canoe-molds

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