Makers Mob Waiver

Waiver Required for Use

In order to sign-up for and use this website, you must agree to absolutely and completely, without limitation, waive and release Makers Mob and each maker on the website from any liability or responsibility for damage, injury, or other loss. This document describes some details of that release but none of the descriptions are intended to reduce or limit the breadth of the waiver provided by you.


This Waiver may be updated and expanded from time to time without notice. You are responsible to review for changes and to cancel your registration if you do not agree with any updated term.

Incomplete Instructions

The how-to guides and videos produced and available on this site are not intended to be an exhaustive set of instructions. The projects and invitations set out must be carefully considered by you before undertaking anything at all. Careful consideration by you should result in you electing not to take on projects which are beyond your skill level or not safely completed on your available tools and workspace.

Videos Are Not Complete Guides

Videos published on this site have been edited for length, for entertainment, and to focus on the key technical steps. This editing may have removed key steps and safety considerations.

Further, makers may have removed or disabled safety equipment and measures for the purpose of a better view of the step or process demonstrated. You must use all safety equipment and measures available, including your good judgment and common sense.

Please remember that internet videos are not real life and may sacrifice reason and precaution for the sake of entertainment. Just because you saw it on the internet does not mean that you should do it, even if other users say you should.

Responsibility for Safe Operation

Before attempting any project, you are responsible for learning how to safely and correctly operate all tools and equipment. Please ensure that all tools and equipment are in proper working order, well maintained, and with all safety systems enabled.

Videos may provide tips for proper or safe operation, but these tips are only highlights of specific safety considerations. Safety tips do not constitute a stand-alone manual or complete guide to operation or use of a piece of tool or equipment. Compliance with these tips or pointers does not guarantee safe operation or completion of projects. In fact, some tips may be detrimental to your safety due to the unknowably unique circumstances of your skill level, workshop space, and available equipment.

We have not seen your shop, inspected your tools, checked your skill level, or trialed the projects shown in order to determine their efficacy or safety. You must use good judgement and evaluate for yourself whether and how to proceed.

Projects May Not Be Safe

Makers Mob does not represent to you that any of the projects or activities on this site are safe, recommended, or reasonable, even with all proper safety precautions in place. Even if completed safely and according to instructions, the item produced may not be safe or suitable for use for the intended purpose, or even any purpose at all. We do hope that you enjoyed watching the video, though.

Instructions May Not Be Safe

The videos and projects on the website may specifically instruct you to take steps which are inherently unsafe. Makers may take unnecessary risks in order to create compelling visuals and engaging content. Even where the project or maker specifically tells you to do something, you must use your good judgement to evaluate each step and instruction. The fact that someone managed to do it on video without getting injured does not mean it is a good idea.

Release and Waiver of Liability

This waiver serves as our notice to you that you are fully responsible for any actions you take following the viewing of any projects, instructions, challenges, videos, or comments on this site. We are not liable for any injury, damage, disability, or loss caused to yourself or others, or any wasted material or damaged equipment, which may arise from your subscription to the site or any other reason. You agree that this waiver will apply even in cases of our gross negligence.

If you do not agree to take full responsibility and provide this complete waiver, then your subscription is cancelled, effective immediately, and you are no longer authorized to use this site. Please contact us and we will process an immediate account cancellation and refund of the current period’s registration fees. personal information, feel free to contact us.

This policy is effective as of 1 April 2019.