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MAKERS FOUNDATION SERIES: The Theory of Woodworking Design

Starting September 26, join in with the rest of the Makers Mob Community as we embark on the 4 week journey together and dive into The Theory of Woodworking Design with Frank Howarth. Follow along each week as Frank uncovers another layer of practical guidance for designing your own projects right down to the smallest details. With a bachelors of architecture degree at Cornell University, and a masters of architecture degree at Harvard University, you will be learning from one of the industries best. If you are looking to increase your understanding and your ability to design, this Makers Foundation Series will be perfect for you.

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Having a big overarching idea will help with the details of the design and help pull everything together. In week one of The Theory of Woodworking Design with Frank Howarth, discover what it means to speak through your design. Follow along and learn from o...
Wood and the tools to shape your project can be inaccurate. That is why understanding what to do with inaccuracies is key to woodworking design.  In week two of The Theory of Woodworking Design with Frank Howarth learn how the importance of designing the p...
Separating function from form to free your design from preconceived ideas will help you understand the problem you are designing a solution for. For example, is it a bookcase or a system for organizing books?  Complex design comes from a process.
Everyone wants to be original and unique, and it's the same for designing a project. Follow along as Frank helps to lead you down the path to find your own authorship and design language as well as determining your own woodworking design style.
Learning how to take your design from concept to completion is the essence of designing your woodworking projects. Follow along and learn everything from how to sketch a design, choose which software to use to draft and how to work with proportions and un...
Learning how to scale and size your projects appropriately can have a major impact on the end result and feel of your work. The same can be said for choosing the right materials for each unique project you make. Follow along and learn how to work with prop...
Choosing the right materials is extremely important for the outcome of a project. In the Week 7 of the Theory of Woodworking Design with Frank Howarth, Follow along and learn the differences between different materials, how to choose which one for your pr...
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